"There was no one near to confuse me, so I was forced to become an original"

Joseph Haydn

Meet Nurturing Spirit Music

  • Online Group classes exploring the body and breath connection, poise and wellbeing.


  • Restore Balance

  • Merge psychophysical education with metaphysical science to discover your innate ease and freedom in the use of your self.

  • Anatomy

Explore these things and much more, with a healing coach who cares deeply for you and wants you to succeed, in whatever "success" looks like for you.


Beginning Total Vocal Freedom Method

Incorporating the basics of the Alexander Technique and other healing modalities

Intermediate Technique Workshop

A Deeper Dive into your personal journey - Oh the places we will go!

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Sheet Music Close Up

Free Your Voice, Heal Your Spirit

You can sing the song of your soul now no matter what has happened before

Does any of this ring true with you?

  • Finding 'my' voice has been a long time dream of mine

  • I could never 'belt' in music so stayed with my high heady voice, yearning to sing in my full voice

  • Thoughts crowd in like "I've always been told I couldn't sing" or "You're too old to start singing now" or "this sounds awful" or "sure, I can sing classical music but I've always wanted to sing (insert desired music genre here)"

  • When I sing my throat gets sore

  • I feel so tight and afraid when I perform - I go blind and hear wind rushing through my ears

  • I can't stand up to sing anymore I'm in so much pain

  • Holding the choir folder gives me a sore shoulder

  • I love to sing but have no one to sing with

  • I used to sing in a choir until I ...

  • I want my singing to mean something - be worth something, bless the world in some way

  • Singing a capella is not an option for me

  • I play the piano/harp/guitar/ukulele and sing but find my body stiff and in pain after a short while

  • 'Something' keeps me from singing and being my truest self

  • The song "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" is my theme song

  • People tell me they like my voice but I want to sing like Martha


  • I'd like to sing but don't know where to start