When Words Fail, Music Heals

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Gary Malkin: Words are often inadequate, especially during times of tragedy, illness, trial, transition. Both for those receiving care as well as those who are professional or lay caregivers, the burden of meeting whatever demands are required often leads to stress, exhaustion, frustration, grief, fear, overwhelm, burnout, and feelings of inadequacy. Throughout history, around the world, human beings have always used the power of music and the arts to awaken, express, nurture, and heal that which can not be addressed through language alone. Now modern science has even quantified the power of music as a remarkable tool for alleviating emotional and spiritual suffering, awakening memory, & alleviating psychological pain. Discover Wisdom of the World Wellness’s groundbreaking, globally acclaimed music-infused tools & resources for: – Refueling Caregivers & Healing Professionals – Providing Emotional & Spiritual Support During Life Transition

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