The Circle of Love - Advent Wreath

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As we approach the season of Advent this year I am struck by the theme of waiting and watching. We prepare for a brighter day amidst the darkest time. This year, especially we have reason to reach for hope, joy, love and peace as we weather the tides of unprecedented despair. The Advent Wreath is a symbol of anticipation. Let's light the candles and shine our light in the circles we inhabit and sing our spirit song to send vibrations of love and kindness out into the world.

In my explorations of Advent, I discovered this lovely little Advent Candle song. Perhaps you remember it from your childhood? I invite you to revisit it, or hear it anew. As you listen may your childlike wonder surface and be a present to you and all whom your thoughts touch today

Have you registered for our first annual Advent Sing Together? If you'd like to join us to celebrate and contemplate during the 4 Sundays of Advent, visit to read more, and sign up.

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